Today is World Curlew Day

Today is World Curlew Day

Last year, to raise awareness of the threats facing our iconic UK bird species, we hosted a community event near a key breeding site in Snowdonia, Ysbyty Ifan (read more here)

This year the challenges facing curlew are ever more present with habitat loss resulting from intensive land use,  drainage and development. 

What can you do?

Please support BTORSPBNWWT, and National Trust – and Snowdonia Society of course –  these are hard-working charities all doing their bit for curlews, with the support of Natural Resources Wales  

Get involved with World Curlew Day events. World Curlew Day falls on April 21 and was established by writer Mary Colwell to catalyse action to save the bird.

Report curlew sightings during the breeding season here

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