Tŷ Hyll, or the ‘ugly house’, is owned and looked after by the Snowdonia Society. Once the Society’s headquarters, the house is now home to an independently-run tea room, Pot Mêl (Click on the link to see the menu, specials and more. See the bottom of the page for contact details).  Pop in for a delicious cake or lunch! While you are there you can learn more about the Snowdonia Society and our work, purchase locally-produced Seeds for Bees and look around the exhibition room upstairs, where you can learn more about honeybees and their vital work of pollinating.


Our garden and woodland are open all year round. Pick up a leaflet from the stand inside the gate and explore! The terraced garden at Tŷ Hyll is maintained by Snowdonia Society volunteers, with the plants having been chosen especially to attract pollinators. Find a sunny bench and listen to the birds. If you’re very quiet you may spy a vole pinching seeds from beneath the bird feeders!

The semi-natural ancient oak woodland extends to approximately four acres. It is a wonderfully peaceful place to while away half an hour, or even five minutes. As well as sessile oak, there are birch, ash, rowan, holly and hazel trees. The trees are covered with mosses and polypody ferns grow out of the branches. In late summer and autumn you are likely to see various fungi growing on fallen branches and tree stumps. Pop down to the pond, where you may be lucky enough to spot frogspawn or a frog. See If you can find the beehives at the top of the woodland, and the circle of seats for a pleasant spot to sit and absorb the tranquil birdsong.

We are privileged that pied flycatchers return to Tŷ Hyll woodland every summer and breed here and pipistrelle bats roost in the house.

Whether you are interested in the quirky house, tea and cake or the wildlife, please do stop at Tŷ Hyll. For more information about the history of the house and for great pointers for what to look out for on your woodland wander, buy the book from Tŷ Hyll or our online shop. A great gift!

If you’re interested in helping to care for the garden and woodland, there are volunteer opportunities towards the end of every month. Register to be a Snowdonia Society volunteer HERE, where you will be able to see the Society’s calendar of volunteer events.

From time to time other events are held at Tŷ Hyll – pond-dipping, anyone? Get in touch if you would like to bring a group here



Pot Mêl tea room is open seven days a week, 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Click on the green to visit their website, or contact Pot Mêl on 01492 642322. 

For other Tŷ Hyll matters (not relating to the tea room) contact: mary@snowdonia-society.org.uk

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