Don’t leave only footprints…

Do you care about Snowdonia’s future?  Then don’t leave only footprints, take one more step and leave a lasting imprint.

Gifts in wills form a crucial part of our income, with many small legacies making a real difference to what we can achieve. If you are writing your will, once you have remembered family and friends, please consider leaving a bequest to the Snowdonia Society.

Download our legacy e-flyer here

A bequest to a charity will reduce the inheritance tax due on your estate, and leaving more than 10% of your estate to charity, will reduce your overall inheritance tax rate (see HMRC website). When you write or edit your will, there are several ways to leave a legacy to the Snowdonia Society:

  • leave a fixed sum – a Pecuniary Legacy
  • leave part or all of your estate once other gifts have been distributed – known as a Residual Legacy
  • leave a Gift in Kind, ie a gift of shares, property, or any other items you may wish to leave to the Charity.

Ask for donations in lieu of flowers

Instead of family and friends giving flowers at the funeral, why not ask for donations to the Snowdonia Society? Or you could nominate the Snowdonia Society to receive donation in your memory.

A gift to Snowdonia’s wildlife and to future generations

Your gift, large or small, will be extremely welcome and will be put to good use to help ensure that this spectacular landscape is protected and celebrated far into the future.

None of us will live forever – that is certain! But how good to know that you have taken steps to leave Snowdonia’s precious landscape safer than you found it, for others to enjoy as you have enjoyed it.

Talk to our expert

If you have any questions about legacies and inheritance tax, give us a ring to arrange a chat with Judith Bellis, our accountant, who is a specialist on inheritance tax

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