Bee hotel

We need pollinators

Bees and other pollinators play a crucial role in nature and in crop pollination to produce the food we eat. Sadly, as a result of disease, modern farming practices and the use of insecticides and herbicides, many pollinators are under threat. The Honeybee Project at Tŷ Hyll raises awareness of one group of these fascinating creatures and inspires all of us to do what we can to help them.

Tŷ Hyll – a paradise for pollinators

The wildlife garden which surrounds Tŷ Hyll is managed to provide pollen and nectar through as long a season as possible.  Sensitive management of the woodland is important too, as the flowers of many species of shrub and tree are particularly important foraging places for many pollinators.

The Honeybee Room


Iolo Williams at the official opening in 2012

In our honeybee exhibition room upstairs at Tŷ Hyll (above the tearoom) you can find out about:

  • the fascinating life-cycle of the honeybee
  • our queen-rearing project which supplies local queens for local beehives
  • what you can do to support pollinators in your garden.

The bee hives

The bee hives are located in the woodland away from the paths. Our honeybees are peaceful when undisturbed.

Watch them come and go from a respectful distance; bring binoculars for a closer look!


Bee hives (Image: NRW)

Get involved

  • Join in with wildlife activities at Tŷ Hyll. See Events at Tŷ Hyll
  • Buy our Seeds for Bees and pollinator-friendly plants for your garden and support our work at the same time!
  • Visit Tŷ Hyll to see honeybees and other pollinators in action
  • Let us know what you see and send us a photograph
  • Donate on-line or in the boxes provided at Tŷ Hyll – as a charity we can’t do our work without you!
  • Consider keeping bees: see National Beekeeping Centre for Wales (at the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre)
  • Find out more about the threats to our bees at from Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Download leaflets:

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