Cwm Glas hydro – what is happening in Wales’ wildest landscape?


Conservation charity the Snowdonia Society says that Greenearth Hydro, the company behind the hydro scheme on the Afon Gennog in Nant Peris,  is breaching the terms of their planning permission and desecrating a pristine part of the National Park landscape.

Snowdonia Society Director John Harold said:

“What are the developers thinking of?  For over 6 months the most dramatic mountain landscape in Wales has been blighted by a plastic pipeline which snakes up the hillside towards the summit of Crib y Ddysgl.

“The developers were granted planning permission on the grounds that they bury the pipeline, but their giant plastic tube is still just sitting there.

“This development should never have been permitted in the first place – Cwm Glas Mawr is one of the truly spectacular and iconic places where  JCBs should never be allowed to trespass.  And anyone can see that burying the pipe on such a steep and rocky mountainside would risk leaving a permanent erosion scar.

“But now the developers need to either comply with planning permission or take their plastic litter away and reinstate the mountainside.  We trust that the National Park Authority will stand up for Snowdonia and take the necessary enforcement action.”

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