Winter footpath maintenance on Snowdon

Footpath maintenance is always a crucial part of our work, and after one of the busiest summers ever recorded in the Park, the footpaths are needing some serious TLC! On a cold Thursday in January, we teamed up with Snowdonia National Park Authority and got stuck into unblocking the drains on the Llanberis path, Snowdon. Thanks to everyone’s hard work we managed to clear all the drains up to halfway point!  

Clearing these blocked drains is incredibly valuable work as it allows the enormous amount of rainfall on the mountain to run off, next to or under the path without eroding it. These footpath maintenance days save millions of pounds in repair costs and greatly reduce the damage to the precious mountain habitats surrounding them. It wouldn’t be a Snowdonia Society event if there wasn’t a litter pick at some point! And that day was no exception, as we quickly filled up a number of bin bags and left the mountain confidently being able to say we’d left it in a better way than we’d found it.  

As always a warm greeting was received from Steffan at Pen Ceunant Isaf cafe with complimentary bara brith, tea and coffee ending the day perfectly – thank you Steffan, it was delicious and well needed! 

To top the day off, Countryfile came and filmed the good work we were doing! Keep your eyes peeled for your hard work to be broadcast on TV soon.  

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