Volunteering: A chance to destroy something without being told off!

People volunteer with Snowdonia Society from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds, coming together to work for the good of the landscapes and habitats of Eryri National Park. There are many different types of activities to get involved in, from helping in tree nurseries to footpath building to bird and bat box installing and more.

We were recently joined by year ten pupil Ewan for a whole week of volunteering activities including American skunk cabbage removal, footpath maintenance and litter picking. Get an insight into what being a volunteer with Snowdonia Society is like from what Ewan has to say:

‘I would recommend that anyone who likes working outdoors in nature whilst preserving the environment should volunteer to help Snowdonia Society.

One of the most fun activities for me was dismantling the unofficial cairns because I got to destroy something without being told off! We then used the rocks to resurface the path to prevent further path erosion.

One of the other things I especially enjoyed was getting to make new friends that I never would have met otherwise. I also learnt many new things.

Some of the most weird things that we found when we were litter picking were nappies, a t-shirt, sandals, flip flops, a pan, bowl and spoons, a towel, underpants, salt and pepper shakers and a vodka bottle.

Reasons why you should become a volunteer at the Snowdonia Society.

  • You get to meet loads of great people
  • You get to learn loads of new facts and skills
  • You get to see beautiful places whilst conserving them
  • You get to be part of a great community of people who are helping protect Eryri’s beauty
  • You get to do loads of fun and exciting things’

A huge thank you to Ewan – and to all our volunteers for the fantastic work they do and the significant contribution they make to looking after Eryri. We have a whole load of activities coming up this summer; head to our events page for a full list. We would love to see you there!

Ewan and fellow volunteer Ian litter picking on Yr Wyddfa

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