The balsam season is here – and we need your help!

As part of the Carneddau landscape Partnership, Cymdeithas Eryri is working to support local communities to tackle the invasive species Himalayan balsam in their local area.  Clearing Himalayan balsam is a time consuming but hugely satisfying task – and many hands really do make light work in this case.

Himalayan balsam seeds spread very easily, and the plant tends to grow prolifically by water courses as seeds are swept downstream.  To clear Himalayan balsam effectively, it’s really important we know where it is.  Once we have this information, we can put together a plan to clear a catchment from the “top down” ensuring that the good work of volunteers and communities isn’t eradicated with an influx of seeds from further upstream.

We are currently working on an interactive map which will allow members of the public to enter the locations they have spotted Himalayan balsam within the project area.  While this is being developed, you can still help! If you spot any balsam in this area, we ask you to email a grid reference and a picture of any sightings of the plant to Dan Goodwin.  With your help, we can begin to get a clear picture of the extent of the problem and work together to make a difference.

Please email your sightings to

For more help identifying Himalayan balsam, and advice on how to start clearing it check out our ID guide, leaflet and FAQs here.

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