Snowdonia needs your help

Small change… mountains of difference!

Snowdonia is under threat due to it’s own popularity with rapidly increasing numbers of visitors enjoying the Park…over 6 Million people every year!

Snowdonia gives a lot to us… we need to give a little back. Snowdonia Giving is a way of us all easily donating a small amount of money to help save Snowdonia.

Snowdonia Giving is a new scheme that encourages all of us to donate small amounts to help save Snowdonia. You can give on-line, at participating businesses and in many other ways.

Register your business

Why not join the number of businesses who have already registered to support the scheme. Read more here or phone Snowdonia Giving on 01766 515946.


Snowdonia Giving will work in partnership with Snowdonia Society volunteers to assist with:

  • Mountains: Snowdon Mountain Paths
  • The Lowlands & Valleys: Snowdon Circular Route
  • People: Young People & Traditional Skills

Snowdonia Giving is administered by Menter Môn on behalf of the Snowdonia Partnership and participating businesses.

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