No toilets in the mountains?

‘Rural’, ‘wilderness’ and ‘get away from it all’ are ways of describing a day out in Snowdonia.  Right now people are flocking to relax and enjoy the special beauty Snowdonia offers. But here’s an important piece of information…there are no toilets in the mountains.

It may seem obvious.  But it’s no joke if you’re caught short.  And it’s no joke for volunteers out clearing litter in the National Park to find human waste under plastic bags and wrappers.  If we all do what we need to do responsibly it makes the countryside safer for everyone and prevents contamination of rivers, streams and lakes – that’s where we all get our drinking water.

Plan ahead and ‘GO before you go’ – to avoid embarrassment and panic.  It is ALWAYS the best option.

Where are the public toilets? Public toilet locations – click on the links:

Gwynedd Council

Conwy County Borough Council 

Enjoy Snowdonia responsibly, and remember to ‘Go before you go!’.  It is by far the best for everyone.



Q: Can I go in a layby or near the path?

A: No, this is NEVER OK – plan ahead and make sure you get to a public toilet in time.

Q: I’m on foot miles from anywhere, there’s no one around and I’m absolutely desperate…

A: Make sure you are respectful and responsible;

  • find a quiet area where people don’t go and no one can see you.
  • Best option: take a strong bag or container which seals. Take home and flush contents responsibly.
  • Emergencies-only option: Take a trowel.  Make the hole at least 15cm deep and at least 50m away from water courses and paths. Put the turf back when you’re done.  Take home any tissues or sanitary products. And remember this is for last ditch situations only.

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