How often have you made such a plea to friends or family before a birthday only to receive another fattening box of chocolates or a pair of gloves you will never wear?

Clearly, people love to give. So, instead of saying ‘no presents’, why not follow the example of one of our supporters?
When celebrating his 70th birthday recently, Mal asked his guests to make a donation to the Snowdonia Society in lieu of gifts. In this way he raised a fantastic £1,140 that will help us in our work of protecting and enhancing Snowdonia, its landscapes and wildlife. With Gift Aid, this will be boosted to £1,263!

Mal says, “When I wrote ‘No presents please, just your presence’ on the invitations for my 70th birthday weekend, many friends responded that they would like to donate to something. As the vast majority of those invited had spent many visits and holidays walking in Snowdonia, it seemed appropriate to ask them to donate to the charity which looks after this wonderful part of Wales which we are privileged to live in.”

And what better than a gift that will help look after a special place Mal cares deeply about?

So, thank you, Mal. And thank you to all your friends and family for giving so generously.

Of course, it is not just birthdays that can be marked with such donations; Christmas, weddings, christenings, retirement or any other occasion where people traditionally give gifts are an opportunity to make a difference to a cause your loved-one cares about.

If you would like to do the same as Mal, and ask your friends to make a donation to the Snowdonia Society instead of giving a gift, contact us for a Celebration Giving pack, or visit our fundraising page on

No more unwanted gifts and another step towards keeping Snowdonia wild and beautiful!

*Mal is not his real name; our supporter has asked to be kept anonymous.

Total Mal has raised (£)

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