My Work Placement with the Snowdonia Society, by Emma Wilson

My Week of Work Placement with the Snowdonia Society, by Emma Wilson

EmmaHello, my name is Emma Wilson. I am a Geography Student at Bangor University and have just completed a placement with the Snowdonia Society.

I wanted to do my placement with the Snowdonia Society as I wanted to work in the local environment with an organisation which was passionate about protecting and conserving the environment. When researching companies which do care and our passionate the Snowdonia Society stood out for me so I applied for the placement and was lucky enough to have got it.

I began my placement shadowing Owain before taking more of a leadership role in workdays, which lead to me taking my own events such as Willow Weaving on my own. I have enjoyed my placement from start to finish and have found it to have helped improve my knowledge of the local environment and how to conserve it doing things such as clearing drains on Snowdon to doing a Water Vole Survey. I have also gained the understanding of why each conservation task is being carried out for example removing Himalayan Balsam as it is a non-native invasive species which stops native plants from growing in the area. The placement has also allowed me to improve and gain practical skills which I would not have been able to learn at university and being able to do the Level 2 Practical Conservation Skills Unit, which is accredited has help me improve my knowledge on risk assessments and on practical skills out in the field it has also helped me gain a qualification which will help for my future career.

I was lucky enough to have been able to attend the 50th Anniversary Picnic and get to meet some members of the Snowdonia Society. It was lovely to hear how much they support the society and of the memories they have with Esmé who started the society.

I have enjoyed my time working with and learning about the society, met some inspiring people and have seen some of the most amazing views. I am lucky to have been able to learn and help conserve Snowdonia, which I plan to continue doing and would recommend this placement to anyone who would like to work in conservation.

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