RAW Adventures & Snowdonia Society pledge to fix Watkin Path

This year RAW Adventures’ Climb Snowdon fund will be donated to BMC’s ‘Mend Our Mountains’ appeal

RAW Adventures guide a lot of people up Snowdon. Each year they donate £1 to the Snowdonia Society for each person they have guided. This donation goes to the Society’s conservation work on Snowdon and in the surrounding area. Read more.

RAW Adventures’ donation means the Snowdonia Society can organise more volunteer workdays days on the mountain, clearing litter and maintaining paths to reduce erosion, flooding and other damage. Against this background of working together for Snowdon, this year, these two organisations have decided to channel resources into desperately needed footpath work and pledge this year’s support to the BMC crowdfunding campaign, Mend our Mountains.

Watkin Path to benefit from path repair work

This pledge, worth hundreds of pounds, is our way of supporting much needed path repairs on a mountain that receives a high volume of footfall, including our own feet! No amount of responsible group management and education will make us float above the path we’re on.

Mend our Mountains has been in the news a lot since its launch in March. Snowdonia has skin in this game, with the top section of the Watkin Path identified as one of the hotspots to benefit from upland path repair work.

Will better paths increase pressure on the mountain?

Always a sensitive subject, people will ask whether better paths will simply encourage more pressure on this most popular of mountains. We asked BMC and were reassured by the answers we got:

“… design and specification for the pathwork would be agreed with the BMC before we fund it … All the work would comply with the standards agreed previously by the Upland Footpath Trust … the “path” is now in reality several paths – with considerable scarring and gullying across the south face … Many walkers are taking the direct line down the face from the summit, creating new paths and further erosion on an area that should be of considerable botanical and conservation interest but which is being trampled by walkers spreading out to avoid eroded gullies and landslides.”

Pleased to pledge. Can you help?

RAW Adventures and the Snowdonia Society are pleased to pledge their financial support. Maybe you can think of a way to support Mend Our Mountains?

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