Are you a litter hero? Share your story.

Gwynedd litter heroes

Are you a litter hero? You are not alone! Share your story.

My drinks can litter-picking challenge has brought me in contact with lots of people who are quietly improving their local environment by picking up litter. Some are shy about it and only pick up litter when no-one’s around; others have no such inhibitions! (My blog post Why I turn a blind eye to litter looks at these inhibitions.)

Here are some of the local litter heroes I have met:

  • Geoffrey who clears litter every day in Bontnewydd, with his dog Joe: “My favourite walk was spoilt by litter, so I decided to do something about it.”
  • Madeline who picks up marine litter while she is swimming. “I stash it in the only place I can – inside my swimming costume!”
  • Carys, Beryl, John and Sue all pick up litter from the road near their homes in my village
  • Twm who clears the litter from his local churchyard
  • Cordelia and her friends who clear litter at Penllyn (west end of Llyn Padarn)
  • Adam in Llanberis: “If we all did a little, there wouldn’t be a problem. The hardest bit is remembering to bring a bag with me.”
  • Owain and Snowdonia Society litter-picking volunteerswho keep Snowdon Tidy and work to change littering behaviour
  • RAW Adventureswho lead a litter-picking team in the annual Real 3 Peaks Challenge
  • Loving our Lake regularly pick up litter round Llyn Padarn
  • Keep Wales Tidy who campaign and educate and support litter-picking initiatives
  • All the people who have been inspired to pick up discarded aluminium drinks cans in response to my CanSaveCarbon challenge.

Tell us your story – you are not alone

The more of us who pick up litter openly, the more it will be normalised. Others will be inspired to do the same and litterbugs might think twice before dropping it – litter attracts litter, after all.

So if you are a litter picker, what’s your story? What’s your motivation? Are you glad or anxious about being seen? (See Why I turn a blind eye to litter.)

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And don’t forget to donate or  sponsor me on my CanSaveCarbon challenge to pick up and recycle 2,000 discarded drinks cans, thus saving 270kg CO2! All proceeds to the Snowdonia Society.

Picking it up with pride!
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