Launch of ‘Snowdonia, only better’ campaign – for a litter-free Snowdonia

Launch of  ‘Snowdonia, only better’ campaign – for a litter-free Snowdonia

As people return to Snowdonia in numbers the Snowdonia Society and its partners are launching an awareness campaign to take Snowdonia a step closer to becoming a litter-free National Park.

Working with the Snowdon Partnership and the National Park Authority, the conservation charity’s new ad campaign aims to inform people about the issues, encourage change and inspire people so that they come better prepared to leave no trace behind them.

This first round of messaging comprises a series of 15 on-line messages for social media. Examples covered include fruit peel, plastic bottles, and crisp packets.  Others include messaging to help people avoid getting ‘caught short’ in the mountains.

Snowdonia Society’s Director, John Harold, said:

“Litter is not inevitable.  A litter-free Snowdonia is possible.  

It’s obvious that a litter-free Snowdonia would be a better experience for everyone – residents and visitors alike.  But a litter-free Snowdonia would also save money, a genuine ‘win-win’ outcome.  The cost savings and staff time savings if everyone took litter home are significant, given the immense pressures at the moment on the authorities, charities, landowners and volunteers who between them look after Snowdonia, 

There are plenty of hard problems, like transport and parking for example, where long term solutions will need big bucks spent on the right infrastructure and running costs.  Litter is different.  The solutions to litter are in our hands – each of us has a vital part to play. 

Litter is, literally, in our hands.

Who would think it ok to open their door and find litter dumped on their doorstep? The answer is no-one. That’s why we think everyone is capable of understanding why this matters, capable of caring.  Our challenge is to get that awareness over to people in ways that work.   So litter doesn’t have to be one of those ‘hard problems’.  If people drop stuff it’s because they haven’t thought about it, or don’t see the consequences or why it matters.  So getting the right messages across in ways that people engage with really can make a difference.  That’s what our campaign is all about.

We’re asking everyone to help by spreading these messages on-line.  This is the first stage of a project to break the litter problem into its constituent parts – zooming in to focus on different types of litter and get targeted messages across.  

Together we can take steps towards a litter-free Snowdonia – the Snowdonia we love, only better.” 

The Snowdonia Society supports and celebrates the work of all who help to tackle this problem, including:

  • Individuals, the superheroes who spend time keeping places they love clear of litter
  • Snowdonia National Park Authority, Gwynedd Council, Conwy CBC and Natural Resources Wales
  • Landowners – farmers and landowning charities such as the National Trust, Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust
  • Local litter-picking groups – like Bethesda Litterpickers, Tidy Llanberis Taclus and many others
  • Keep Wales Tidy, who support lots of local groups across Wales.

For further enquiries , contact John Harold:

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