Hats off for Snowdonia

Snowdonia Society eco-friendly caps

The Society and the fabulous work of our volunteers both deserve to be more widely recognised.  So we have produced these smart and practical caps that can be worn with pride.  They proclaim our identity, but also help the environment.

After a long search we were able to find a supplier with good eco-credentials offering a cap made of 100% recycled PET – the material that disposable plastic drinks bottles are made of.   We are pleased to be able to offer these well-made  caps in the following colours: Stone, Moss (Green), Gorse (Gold), Llyn (Dark Blue), Charcoal (Black).

The caps are branded with our logo on the front and the Society’s name on the back.  An intrepid Snowdonia Society team tested the caps in scorching hot weather this summer,  wearing them for the entire 100km of the Snowdonia Challenge.  Their verdict? – the caps are really breathable and comfortable to wear – as well as looking smart.

Plastics and their recycling are issues of great concern and the threats to our environment from disposable plastics in particular do not need spelling out here.  Volunteers on our regular litter picks know only too well how much waste plastic is out there in the National Park.

We feel that offering a cap made from recycled plastic bottles is a small step in the right direction.  The process of recycling is not perfect, but high quality recycled products do put value on the removal of plastic waste from the environment, so they are a step in the right direction.

It takes about 5 bottles to make one cap and we have some 200 caps, so we ask for your help in this effort to remove around 1000 plastic bottles from the environment by buying a Snowdonia Society cap for yourself, your friends or family.   Will you do that?

A special thanks to Charles Hawkins, Vice-Chair for moving this forward.

Staff and trustees sporting their Snowdonia eco-friendly caps during the Snowdonia Challenge.

Caps can be purchased from our SHOP


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