Give the gift that shows you really care

Give the gift that shows you really care

Rather than chocolates and roses, why not give the gift that shows you really care – a gift that will help protect and care for Snowdonia.

You have until Valentine’s Day to donate to our 50 Years Future Fund, which will help us tackle the work ahead.  We’ve raised £46,000 towards our target of £50,000 – funds that we now know are needed more than ever.

Last week you may have seen our Director speaking on the BBC evening news about the impacts of cuts to National Park budgets.  You can read more about this serious problem here. Those cuts mean inevitably that more work will fall to us and our volunteers.

We’ve never been busier – our volunteers are working hard to care for Snowdonia and we are campaigning hard to protect this amazing landscape.

So please, give the gift that keeps giving.  Help us reach our funding target by making a donation to help us to reach our target by 14th February.  That’s really showing your love!

Donate to our 50 year future fund

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