Forget the flip-flops, this is serious

Forget the flip-flops, this is serious

Many of you will have seen media coverage of how Snowdonia is faring during a spell of high pressure.  Our Director has been busy talking to TV, radio and newspaper reporters across the UK.  Media interest is often first sparked by sound-bites about people going up Snowdon in flip-flops or queueing 45 minutes to take a selfie on the summit.  But we’ve worked hard to try to go beyond the superficial symptoms to more substantial questions; what are the essentials for enjoying the outdoors responsibly, and what would truly sustainable tourism look like in Snowdonia?

Through key partnerships, the Snowdonia Society is heavily involved in work to address these questions. Solutions are being identified and tested, based around how people reach Snowdonia, how they move around when here, what they choose to do and how well informed and prepared they are to visit safely, responsibly and respectfully.

However, right now on the ground here, we are helping to lead the response to pressures through the Caru Eryri/Care For Snowdonia programme. Our staff and trained volunteers are delivering up to ten sessions per week through the season – providing teams to care for the most pressured and busy sites in north and south Snowdonia.  Those teams provide extra capacity which complements the work of National Park and National Trust wardens; the teams provide information to visitors, helping them to visit safely and responsibly; they clear litter and help maintain footpaths.

Since April over 200 people have come forward to volunteer, providing 1500 hours of their time to help out.  Together they have collected more than three quarters of a tonne of litter. There’s been a big input of staff time from the four organisations which deliver Care For Snowdonia: Snowdonia Society, Outdoor Partnership, National Trust and Snowdonia National Park Authority.

Join our cause

The Snowdonia Society is a small charity with a big impact across the National Park, evidenced by our work leading the Care for Snowdonia scheme with partners and volunteers this year. Media coverage helps to spread our important messages about visiting special places responsibly, but it’s the support of members and donations that helps us get our practical work done. This is where you can help: please consider making a donation towards the work of our staff and volunteers; or help us grow as an organisation by becoming a member and encouraging others to do so. This is one thing you can do to really make a difference, so please donate or join online today and help us achieve even more.  Thank you!

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