Woodland Management

Photo Credit Pete Birkinshaw

Woodland Management, Nantporth (Bangor)

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Take in the spectacular views of the Menai Straights as we team up with the Wildlife Trust who manage this site.

Once a limestone Quarry Nantporth is now a rich habitat of ferns and mosses which is also makes up a section of the Wales Coastal Path.

Natural woodland regeneration is the aim here as well as management of the footpath that makes up a section of the Wales Coastal Path that runs through the woodland.

“Follow the Wales Coast Path under the airy canopy of this coastal ash woodland, which also contains rare whitebeam trees, oak, birch and aspen. In spring, the dappled sunlight illuminates the whites and yellows of wood anemones and primroses on the woodland floor, racing to flower before the trees fully awaken and cast them into shade.

The varied canopy of the site creates the perfect habitat for an array of woodland birds; listen out for the melodic song of the blackcap and the high-pitched calls of the beautiful greyand-orange nuthatch. These typical woodland sounds are punctuated by the sharp ‘kleep’ cry of passing oystercatchers and the repetitive call of the redshank, as they make their way along the shores of the Menai Strait.”

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