Sapling Care

The National Trust, with the help of Snowdonia Society volunteers, have been ‘sabre-planting’ young trees on their Dyffryn Mymbyr hill farm for the past few winters. Dyffryn Mymbyr is a special place in the history of the Snowdonia Society: it is here that the founder of the society, Esme Kirby, lived and farmed and it was our headquarters for some years.

Native broad-leaved trees have been planted on the hillside to increase tree coverage on quite open land. They are very important for birds and insects as well as for oxygenating and stabilising the soil. We’ll be doing the vital work of checking the young trees and giving them a bit of TLC where required.

Be aware that the ground is uneven and we’ll be venturing on to the sides of stream banks, but if the skies are clear, we will have great views of Snowdon!

Contact Mary to register:
 01286 685498