Footpath Building

Footpath Building: Slate Trail, Llan Ffestiniog

Booking essential

“This is an 83-mile circular trail which enables walkers to explore the industrial heritage of the slate villages throughout Snowdonia. This trail visits some of the less-frequented but beautiful parts of Snowdonia, passing through all the major mountain ranges, offering a range of experiences from mountain to forest, lake to river, from the valley to the sea.” Snowdonia Slate Trail.

For this day we will be teaming up with the National Trust footpath team to continue building a section of footpath on this beautiful trail. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or have never volunteered before this day is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, to meet like minded people and to give something back to Snowdonia.

The area in question requires pitching with stone meaning that this beautiful trail can continue to be enjoyed. If you like getting stuck in and get your hands dirty this is the day for you!

Contact Dan to register:
01286 685498