David Bird wins runner-up prize in national award

Our wonderful volunteer, David Bird, has won a runner-up prize in a Volunteer of the Year award that celebrates dedicated volunteers working in national parks across England and Wales. Around forty volunteers were nominated for this award, organised by Campaign for National Parks, so we are extra proud! A big thank you to the hundreds of you who voted for David.

We were glad of the opportunity to give David recognition for the very many days of his time that he has given to practical conservation work to help care for Snowdonia, in addition to all his other volunteering for people and places across the area. Please click here for more. Our sincere appreciation, David!

David has kept coming back for more – are you inspired to volunteer for the Snowdonia Society in 2021? We await further easing of coronavirus restrictions before we advertise practical volunteer days, but we do know that there will be a big project coming up called Care for Snowdonia that will run all through the summer. Please click here to read more about it and for how to get involved.

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