1,029 cans salvaged = 142kg of CO2 saved

Cansavecarbon Progress
Having picked up 85 discarded aluminium drinks cans in Llanberis on Saturday, I am over half way to my target of 2,000 cans. So far this has saved 142kg of CO2. Not sure what the connection is between a drinks can and global warming? Read my blog item ‘How do you get 14 cups of tea out of 1 drinks can?

Thank you very much to all those who have donated already or sponsored me. Donations and sponsorships so far total £639! All proceeds will go to the Snowdonia Society to help keep Snowdonia special.

Even better, several people have said they have been inspired to pick up cans or other litter in their own patch.

CanSaveCarbon blog

I have launched my CanSaveCarbon blog which will cover various themes to do with litter, aluminium drinks cans and global warming. Here are the first items:

Are you a litter hero?

A future blog item will be about litter heroes, so if you have your own litter-picking story to tell, please let me know.

Please share or tweet or forward any of these blog items. And lets raise awareness about the wasted energy in aluminium litterand raise funds to keep Snowdonia special. 

You can track my progress at www.snowdonia-society.org.uk/CanSaveCarbon

And if you haven’t already done so please donate or sponsor me!

CanSaveCarbon blog

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