Seeds for Bees and plants for pollinators

Ty Hyll butterfly

For sale at the Ugly House – Tŷ Hyll

Now is the time to start planting….

From now and through the summer we have ‘Plants for Pollinators’ for sale at Tŷ Hyll, in addition to our popular Seeds for Bees, which you can buy now on-line.

Buy seeds for bees


As well as over 60 varieties of seed, we have a large selection of “starter” plants: herbs, wildflowers, perennials and small trees. Mainly small and very reasonably priced, they make a very good purchase!

Don’t miss your chance to help the bees!

Bees and other pollinators play a crucial role in nature and in crop pollination to produce the food we eat, but, as a result of disease and modern farming practices, they are under threat. Read about why We need honeybees.

Thank you to our volunteers

We owe a huge thank you to the volunteers who donate, collect and package the seeds and propagate and pot up the plants. All proceeds go towards our valuable work at Ty Hyll – managing our small apiary as well as the garden, woodland and grounds for visitors and wildlife.

Over £2,000 raised in 2015

During 2015, 1,470 packs of seeds were sold, which means a total of £1,470! And plant sales raised £692!



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