Buses: All Change!

Buses: All Change!

Welsh Government wants your views on bus services fit for the future. 

The consultation (link below) is open until 24th June and is called ‘One network, one timetable, one ticket: planning buses as a public service for Wales’.

As an organisation we want to give credit where it’s due, and we are seeing leadership from Welsh Government on the development of more sustainable and equitable transport for Wales. Work being carried out through the Burns Commission and the Roads Review Panel is not only ambitious, it is drawing a straight line from clear objectives to action. It is only fair that such leadership is recognised, and it also gives us confidence that it is worth investing time and energy in responding to consultations like this.

Snowdonia Society recently provided a group of staff, trustees and members for a focus group to inform the Senedd’s research on public transport post-Covid. Our input focused on transport issues in and around the National Park. It was striking how people’s personal experiences really bring the issues to life. That’s why we encourage you to take a few minutes to respond to this consultation. Whether you currently use public transport or not, your experience matters.  Removing the obstacles that we face is key to building public transport fit for the 21st century.

We’ll keep you updated on transport issues, but in the meantime please respond to the consultation:



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