Autumn magazine

The autumn issue of the Snowdonia Society magazine is now available. Read the magazine on-line.

In the Editorial, Society Director John Harold says: “Autumn in Snowdonia: earthy woods ripe with fungi, storm-filled rivers fit to bursting, and rare perfect days projected onto the hills from a blue sky. Our National Park is worth the effort of exploration at this time of year; this edition of the magazine takes a look at the question of getting around in Snowdonia.

“We are accustomed to a car-dominated way of life. Mass access to wild places has evolved from a possibility to a reality. Access by car has become the norm and one consequence is a decline in equality of access. Provision for those who rely on public transport, whether that reliance is by choice or not, has repeatedly faltered and failed to take root.”

Read more in our on-line edition.

The magazine also includes our winter events programme, which is available separately as a download: Snowdonia Society events.

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