Penceunant Café fuels Snowdonia Society volunteers on Eryri’s busiest mountain

Penceunant Café fuels Snowdonia Society volunteers on Eryri’s busiest mountain

The Snowdonia Society would like to offer its gratitude to Rob and Steffan at Penceunant Café on Snowdon for their generosity towards Snowdonia Society volunteers this summer during the Welcome Back litter picking scheme.

Steffan Roberts, owner of the Penceunant Café on Snowdon said: “We thought the mountain would be quieter this summer because of the virus, but actually it’s been busier. And many of those coming to Snowdon are new faces, some never having spent time in the countryside before.  That brings its own problems which some visitors needing to be encouraged to cherish and respect our environment.  In some cases it’s not been easy, but generally it’s been heartening to find so many discovering the beauty on their doorstep.”

Project Officer Dan Goodwin said: “Refreshments in the form of cups of tea and bara brith were regularly given to our volunteers even when the café was at its busiest”

He added: “These kind gestures will have made a huge difference to the energy and commitment of our volunteers who returned after lockdown, and so we would like to say a big “diolch o galon” to Steffan and Rob.”

Steffan told us:

“It’s been great to meet so many of the Society’s members over the summer, and we’re always glad to take the litter they’ve gathered off their hands.  It’s more than just keeping the mountain clear of rubbish. it’s about showing everyone else the way. It spurs visitors to do the same. especially younger generations who feel the environmental crisis more acutely.”

“It’s not been easy for many people during the crisis so far, and it’s probably a way of life we’re going to have to get used to, for the time being at least.  But that’s where Snowdon comes in.  It provides permanence.  It’s an anchor. It’s a friend indeed.”

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