Llanrwst Co-op members raise £2,793.32 for the Snowdonia Society

Llanrwst Co-op members raise £2,793.32 for the Snowdonia Society

A huge thank you to the Llanrwst Co-op members for nominating us to receive a percentage of their purchases. They helped raise £2,793.32 for the Snowdonia Society! The money donated will be used towards helping get people out volunteering and protecting Snowodnia. Providing transport, making it easier for our volunteers to get out there and make a difference.

How it works

As a member, every time you shop at Co-op, 1{cfe7b007ef2d97d6c94c66bdf5fd69182957ee376eb8b20ce6b541889da3df98} of what you spend on selected own-brand products and services goes to the local community fund. The money raised by all the members in your community, together with money from shopping bag sales, helps to fund local projects in the area where you live.
You can choose which cause you want your own 1{cfe7b007ef2d97d6c94c66bdf5fd69182957ee376eb8b20ce6b541889da3df98} to go to. Any money raised by members who don’t select a cause is added to the money raised from shopping bag sales and shared equally between the causes in their local area. Become a co-op member and help causes in your area.

Please nominate us at your local supermarket

Do you know who receives the proceeds from carrier bag sales where you do your shopping? Nominating the Snowdonia Society to receive the proceeds at your local supermarket is an extremely effective way of supporting us.

We recently received £11,168 from Waitrose, £516 from the Llanrwst Co-op from their carrier bag sales and have previously received £750 from a group of Spar stores in north Wales. Your small action could make a very big difference to Snowdonia!

We urge all shoppers to take bags with them when they shop, but on the occasion that you are unprepared and you have to buy one, it is good to know that proceeds go towards a good cause.


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