The Snowdonia Society - our vision

The Snowdonia Society would like to see a National Park in which the unique and irreplaceable qualities, on which the economy depends, are proudly protected by thriving and cohesive communities that have adapted to climate change.

The Snowdonia Society, established in 1967, is a member-based registered charity working to protect and enhance the beauty and special qualities of Snowdonia and to promote their enjoyment in the interests of all who live in, work in or visit the area both now and in the future.

The Society works with local communities, organisations and businesses to achieve this vision.

Join us to help make it a reality! We undertake conservation and enhancement work in the National Park; monitor management and planning policies; make recommendations to the relevant bodies and undertake lobbying and campaigning work where appropriate; and promote access and enjoyment for all in Snowdonia.

We would like to see:

- Greater understanding and appreciation of Eryri's environment and culture by visitors and residents of all ages and extensive use of the Welsh language.

- Integrated management of land, inland waters and coast for environmentally sustainable uses, in partnership with local communities and in sympathy with Eryri's special qualities.

- Diverse agriculture and forestry focused on quality and adding value and supplying strong markets for local products.

- Biodiversity, tranquility and wild places safeguarded and enhanced.

- Sensitive management of visitor experiences to provide inspiration and enjoyment and maximum year-round economic benefit to all parts of Eryri, but without damaging its unique qualities.

- A full range of eco-friendly visitor accomodation within the National Park and nearby.

- An integrated and efficient public transport system used regularly by visitors and local people.

- An extensive and well maintained network of footpaths, bridleways and cycle routes meeting all the needs of local people and visitors.

- Skilled and well paid work in agriculture, land management, forestry, tourism and other industries using local resources, plus a big growth in knowledge-based and creative businesses.

- Ready access to both employment and suitable affordable housing, so that young people remain in Eryri in lively, self-sufficient and mutually supportive communities.

- Buildings that combine efficient use of resources with sensitivity to rural and urban landscape.

- An effective national park authority, accountable locally and nationally, pursuing evidence-based policies to promote Eryri and conserve it for present and future generations, in partnership with local people and other stakeholders

How you can help:

- Join us and support the objectives of the Society

- Volunteer with our Conservation Snowdonia Project

- Become a trustee of the Society

- Make a donation or leave a legacy in your will

- Send us your views

Please contact for more information.

Read the minutes for the Society's most recent AGM.