Glyn Rhonwy Consultation

Snowdonia Society questions how pumped storage project will connect to National Grid.

Having obtained planning permission from Gwynedd Council for a 49.9MW pumped storage development at Glyn Rhonwy, Snowdonia Pumped Hydro Ltd (SPH) are now applying to double the capacity of the project to 99.9MW.  This application will be handled as a ‘major infrastructure project’ by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of  the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

As part of the application process SPH are required to consult on their plans.   We are concerned that the development could result in new pylons blighting the iconic views of northern Snowdonia, and that there are currently no safeguards against this happening. The Snowdonia Society has made the following submission to the developer’s consultation:

Glyn Rhonwy SPH consultation CESS response

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(Image: Daily Post)

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