Mythic Snowdonia – Storytelling with Eric Maddern

Mythic Snowdonia –  An evening of storytelling with Eric Maddern

Optional meal: Caban curry will be served between 5.30 – 6.30pm (Price £7.50 per head – must be booked in advance through Caban – call 01286 685500).

Please donate generously
Instead of giving a price for this event we invite donations on the door. Please donate generously; any proceeds will go towards the Snowdonia Society’s work of protecting and enhancing Snowdonia’s beauty and special qualities

We are very grateful to Eric Maddern for volunteering his time to give this talk

Imagine Snowdon as a sacred mountain. Picture Eryri and Yr Eifl as two mountainous arms protecting the holy isle of Môn, heartland of the druid high priests of Britain…

Two thousand years ago, people lived mostly outdoors in this magical landscape: in field, forest, river and sky. They knew their land intimately and could read it like a book, seeing themselves as proud tribal peoples with lineages and traditions, customs and skills. They remembered their ancestors, made offerings to the gods and goddesses of the land, and sensitively educated their young.

Ancient sites still abound in Snowdonia, and stories of these peoples have survived: of Bran the Blessed, Gwydion the Storyteller, Blodeuwedd, Taliesin and many many more. It’s easy to see why Snowdonia is regarded as one of the most mythical landscapes in Britain.

Awareness of these beautiful Welsh folk tales can enrich your experience of the land. So come and join our renowned local story teller, Eric Maddern, for the chance to see Snowdonia through new (or ‘ancient’) eyes through his memorable storytelling style.

Suitable for adults and children over the age of 12 years.

Contact Claire to book:
01286 685498

About Eric:
Eric Maddern is author of ‘Snowdonia Folk Tales’. He also created the Cae Mabon Retreat Centre on the banks of Afon Fachwen near Llyn Padarn. Click here to find out more about Eric’s work.