CanSaveCarbon blog

News items relating to Frances’ CanSaveCarbon challenge, and her target to:

  • pick up and recycle 2,000 discarded aluminium drinks cans
  • get 100 people to sponsor her 1p per can
  • raise £2,000 to help keep Snowdonia wild and beautiful
  • save 270kg of CO2.


  • Bags of drinks cans

    CanSaveCarbon challenge has saved 1/2 tonne of CO2

    Challenge complete and Frances extended her target from 2,000 to 3,620 cans, saving half a tonne of CO2 and raising over £1,400 for the Snowdonia Society.

  • Cyngor Gwynedd wasting tonnes of CO2… sending drinks can litter to landfill. A simple measure that allows street cleaners to separate cans from other litter, so they can be recycled, could save 180 tonnes of CO2 annually.

  • CanSaveCarbon ‘crusade’ featured on Radio Wales

    As Frances reaches the end of her aluminium drinks can litter-picking challenge, hear her explain the reasons for her efforts on Radio Wales' 'Country Focus'.

  • 90 cans picked up in Cwm y Glo

    Too much litter – target reached a month early 

    2,000 cans picked up & 270kg CO2 saved! Is it good news or bad news that, a month sooner than she was expecting to, Frances has already hit the target she set herself for her CanSaveCarbon challenge? Have you sponsored her yet?

  • Gwynedd litter heroes

    Are you a litter hero? Share your story.

    My drinks can litter-picking challenge has brought me in contact with lots of people who are quietly improving their local environment by picking up litter. If you're doing the same, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Reverse vending machine

    Would you support deposits on drinks cans & bottles?

    Welsh Conservatives and Friends of the Earth Cymru have both recently called for the introduction of compulsory deposits on drinks containers, to reduce litter and increase recycling rates. Perfect sense!

  • Cansavecarbon Progress

    1,029 cans salvaged = 142kg of CO2 saved

    Frances is over half way to her target of 2,000 drinks cans, saving 142kg of CO2. Have you sponsored her yet? She has also launched a blog covering themes to do with litter, aluminium cans and global warming.

  • What does ¼ tonne of CO2 look like?

    My CanSaveCarbon drinks can litter-picking challenge will generate 30kg of aluminium drinks cans. Once the cans are recycled this will save 270kg of CO2 - over ¼ tonne. But what does ¼ tonne of CO2 look like?

  • Litter bin

    Why I turn a blind eye to litter

    On a recent shopping trip I passed a messy display of rubbish strewn by a litter bin. To my shame, I walked round it. What stopped me from picking it up and putting it in the bin?

  • How do you get 14 cups of tea out of 1 drinks can?

    See a drinks can, pick it up, Put it in a recycling tub! Picking up and recycling 1 aluminium drinks can saves enough energy to boil water for 14 cups of tea. Why are so many still going to waste?

  • cans_snowdonia

    Can clear litter. Can save carbon. Can you sponsor me?

    Picking up and recycling 1 aluminium drinks can saves enough energy to boil water for 14 cups of tea. Please sponsor Frances to pick up and recycle 2,000 discarded cans in and near Snowdonia.