• Future landscapes

    A Welsh Government report by the Future Landscapes Working Group on the future of designated landscapes in Wales undermines the status of National Parks as Protected Landscapes and fails to mention any principle of conservation that would be an ultimate safeguard for natural beauty and biodiversity.

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  • Glyn Rhonwy Snowdonia

    Glyn Rhonwy consultation

    Snowdonia Society questions how pumped storage project will connect to National Grid and about the potential impacts on access and local water bodies including Llyn Padarn.

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  • Snowdonia river

    Save Snowdonia’s rivers

    The last few months have seen a continuing deluge of planning applications for hydro-electric schemes on Snowdonia’s rivers. The Snowdonia Society plays a critical role scrutinising the scale, location and impact of hydro-electric proposals. Please help us continue to fight for Snowdonia’s rivers, their precious plant-life and special qualities.

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  • Conwy falls Hydro intake plan

    Conwy Falls

    Concerns about the scale of the development and its impacts on local people, businesses, and wildlife habitats.

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  • Litter Snowdon Map

    Snowdon Tidy

    Snowdon Tidy is an initiative to achieve and sustain a meaningful reduction of litter on all main paths from the base to the summit of Snowdon.

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  • national _parks_matter_snowdonia

    National Parks Matter

    In 2014, John Griffiths, the Welsh Government Minister for National Parks announced a Review of Governance of Designated Landscapes in Wales by an independent Panel. This Panel will look at, amongst other things, a single designation for both National Parks and AONBs.

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  • bus_petition_snowdonia1

    Restore Llanberis buses

    Please sign this petition to restore the bus services to Llanberis formerly operated by Padarn Buses. Bus route 85 is a vital link between the regional hub of Bangor with its university, colleges, rail link and employment opportunities and Llanberis, one of the larger settlements in northwest Gwynedd, a tourist

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  • snowdonia_dark_skies

    Dark Skies campaign

    Light pollution is a growing major problem throughout Britain. Today, using too much light or unsuitable light can be expensive, it can leave too much carbon footprint, and it can be harmful to the landscape, in particular, night wildlife. As a result, Snowdonia National Park Authority is applying for an

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